How We Work

Our value to customers is in the accuracy of our work, it is not an interpretive process but one of rigorous communication based on detail - this is not just important - it is a fundamental guiding principle

We Fit In

We understand drawings and drawing systems making Catwards the first choice when you need additional support to your existing team. Our services are outstanding value, because you get your drawings and 3D models done quickly, efficiently and to your existing in-house standards. Think of us as an extension to your existing team.

We Work Fast

We are an ‘on demand’ resource offering you additional support for new and ongoing projects and . Let us come in and get all the bits and pieces tied up and sorted out – leaving your design team to concentrate on core activities. They can get on with ‘the design’. We are your virtual drawing office.

You Get Results

The drawings and models we produce are yours – They belong to you. Changes to the drawings and models are not a problem – They are yours and belong to you. We will not re-design your design* – It is yours and belongs to you.

*Unless you have made a gaffe and it will not go together, then we will show you the irrefutable evidence in the 3D model and then make some suggestions about how it can be made to work. For an informal chat about any draughting you may be planning to outsource call 01305 787822 or contact us.