Fullwidth FAQs

All our data is here – it’s going to be a nightmare?

Yes initially it may be a bit difficult, but if you break your project down you’ll see we won’t necessarily need it all to get the job done.

It’s going to be as time consuming to explain what we need as it will be to get on and do the work ourselves?

  • Initially this may be the case, but if you break the project down into chunks you will find it’s not going to be a daunting as you think. Outsourcing is an excellent way of reviewing the project at the very beginning and prioritising your resources. Even if you use Catwards to build your base data set – it can be enormously beneficial because your designers can get on with the ‘detail’ whilst we get on with the ‘whole’.
  • We’re CAD technicians rather than designers
  • Think of us as an extension to your team.

We outsourced before, it didn’t work?

  • This is a common comment! We’re not going to be like the last time.
  • We listen.
  • We will do the drawings how you want them.
  • We will not redesign your product.
  • We do exactly what you want – it’s your data – always will be. We will try to make sure we do it as you want it.

Working with someone else’s models is awful – we can never find anything?

  • We will structure the folders to your standards ensuring the models re-link fairly effortlessly.
  • We are disciplined in the way we build the models, bearing in mind the end user. We label most things where ever possible.

We’ve got extremely tight firewall settings on out email. We’ll never be able to send and receive the files?

We use dropbox & put the data there ready for ‘collection’ or vice versa, you can send data to us.