“The Hydrosizer/TBS is used by a wide range of Mineral Processors to beneficiate and classify minerals generally
smaller than 5 mm in size”


Provide 3D exploded drawings of the range of Hydrosizers and other proprietary equipment for use as sales aids and in operating/maintenance manuals in a format that could easily be understood by persons not familiar with technical drawings.

What we did

All the technical drawings had already been done in AutoCAD. The client needed drawings suitable for use as sales aids and in operating/maintenance manuals, in both exploded and assembled forms. Specifically with the drawing shown above showing a cut-away view. The models were created using inventor and as the client does not have this, the files were sent to them in .DWF format. This involved the client downloading the free viewer from AutoDesk, giving them access to the 3D models and the drawings. We communicate via email, telephone and skype to get the work completed.


This particular drawing was produced for a plant in China and was completed in one week.

What the client says:

“Despite having no previous knowledge of our industry, Catwards Draughting Limited has the skills available to both understand the machinery and deliver what was needed, well within our timescales. We were worried about communication but in the twelve months we have been working together, this has never proved to be a problem. Catwards is an extension to our own team.”
Steven Hyde – Director MEP Ltd