KW Engineering


Initially to provide a full set of engineering drawings for the series 1 and 2 fishing reels. Quite basic information already existed in cad format. These needed updating with the long-term view that they would be used to produce drawings for future versions of the product.

What we did

All the drawings were in AutoCAD and it was decided that we would take this opportunity to turn them into 3D models. The thinking was that subsequent versions of the product would be easier to develop.
Using Inventor we recreated the existing product and sent to the client in DWF format. The availability of the 3D model to the client meant they were able to check every aspect of the design ‘virtually’.
Once this model was created the client was then able to start looking at the next product whilst we carried on and produced the engineering drawings.
At the design stage we looked at several different body styles and were able to quickly dismiss some of the ideas which had seemed good in the meeting. No metal was cut thus saving time & resources. The reality of seeing it in 3D it was obvious which design would not work either visually or practically.


The first reel is still in production and the reel in the new range has been made and is at present being evaluated for performance and weight.

What the client says

“Catwards has taken our drawings & turned them into a 3D model. The added bonus of the 3D model has meant we were able to bring forward the development of the new range. Seeing the virtual prototypes of the new design was a great way to see all our suggestions before having to cut any metal. Some, in reality, were ridiculous. The time & effort saved has been phenomenal Any initial worries about using this virtual service have been quickly forgotten as the service we have received from Catwards has been quick and responsive. No changes are too much trouble & we know the drawings still ultimately belong to us”

Keith Ward – Managing Director KW Engineering Ltd