“A wearable camera that catches life experiences automatically so you can always live in the moment. Its modular design allows it to adapt to any situation”


Our brief was to turn the conceptual design into the CAD data for manufacture. We looked closely at the concept model & carefully structured our model to reflect how it was going to be put into production.

What we did

Because of the incredibly tight and complex tolerancing requirements we decided from the outset to make it a multi-bodied solid, enabling us to hold a datum set of critical dimensions in one place. This proved to be the best starting point & as the project developed & these dimensions changed, it meant the whole model updated automatically

We worked with a highly skilled set of individuals and specialist manufacturers for all the different elements. Having the luxury of working with someone who worked through all the tolerancing issues of the different materials gave us all the confidence we needed that, when brought together, all the elements would fit and function.


Between us, we achieved a product that went together first time & with very few issues that needed tweaking.

Maintaining good drawing practice and revision control was paramount due to the number of different agencies involved bringing this working prototype to fruition.

All the modelling was done using SolidWorks and we used Dropbox to ensure all interested parties had access to the data at all times.

Our deliverables were step files & drawings