Blundell Harling


Provide a full set of manufacturing drawings from design model provided.


“The Tool for all trades- the multiscribe is a profile matching tool used to transfer contours from one shape to another and mark onto various materials”

What we did

Following initial meeting it was decided that we should re-model the product-using Inventor. Although the original data would come through, it would be a ‘dumb-solid’ and therefore more cumbersome to modify. The primary reason for the use of Inventor was that BH uses it in their design office, thus giving them complete control over the data and drawings as the project progresses.

“At the end of any project we always provide the client with all legacy data – it belongs to
them after all”

Using a 3D software package such as Inventor, meant we were able to try out different variants & because of the ease of producing the drawings were able to get feedback very quickly on the costs involved which each model, leading to the product we see now.

The biggest challenge was to get the pencil sharpener right. The angle of the pencil and relative position of the blade is crucial to sharpen a pencil without snapping the lead.


The product has gone to market. The MKII version is now at the prototype stage.

What the client says

“Catwards Draughting Limited provided a quick and responsive service. Dealing with the design changes quickly without making us feel bad for changing the design ‘yet again’ as happens so often with projects of this nature. Using Catwards in conjunction with our own design team meant we were able to carry on with vital new product design. It was like having another team member. A lot of the conceptual work had already been done for this, which made it an ideal project to outsource. Our in-house skill set is that of product design, whilst the Catwards team skills set lies in producing good quality manufacturing/engineering drawings.”

Norman Hayter – Manufacturing Manager Blundell Harling Limited